“It’s a new dawn | It’s a new day | It’s a new life | For me | And I’m feeling good”

“It’s a new dawn | It’s a new day | It’s a new life | For me | And I’m feeling good”

The lyrics of Nina Simone’s I’m feeling Good song.

Oh and when she sings it, there’s some of sort of excitement to what the “new day” has to bring.

To me there is always something refreshing with looking to a new day. Yes life does throw bombs along the way but the beauty of life is overcoming them. I recently got a new supplier to work on our website, to cut the long story short we ended up losing all the content we had from our previous website. The first thought was “I need to lash out at this supplier, how dare they do that” but after a couple of seconds, I realized that maybe the previous content was not in line with where we are going as an entity, maybe God was singing Nina Simone’s song “It’s a New Day, New life, New beginning”.

It signaled the “starting afresh”. It told us as a team to look outside the window and see the rainbow in the midst of the storm, see the light in the midst of darkness. In my previous article we spoke about embracing change. This was an opportunity for us to practice what we preach.

Life may throw lemons your way, make a lemonade out of them or like Beyonce, make a multi-platinum selling album. Yes to some it might seem like a minor obstacle, “I mean if they are as good as they say they are, why it would be difficult for them to write new content?”, to some it might be the end of a relationship, loss of a child or a parent.

I recently made a decision that will impact my life drastically, it was very daunting. Even after praying and fasting about it, I was still scared!!! I had a conversation with a close friend who said something so profound. She said

“fear is a constant companion, especially when you’re getting ready to redefine a certain area of your life, what matters is not the presence of fear but rather your response to it”.

So for me a new day has come, where I take a giant leap of faith, it is about me trying avenues that are dear to me yet were ceased by fear and the norm (how life should be). Right now the thoughts of how are you going to survive, how are you going to pay your bills have been replaced with the thoughts of excitement from unknown sources like the saying goes “what if I fall,oh but my love, what if you fly”

Now when I sing “I’m feeling Good” the lyrics have a deeper meaning to me, I even get the sense of “Nina owes me royalties, I feel like I wrote this song.”


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