#WeAreComingForEverything | The Emergence of Black Cyclists

#WeAreComingForEverything | The Emergence of Black Cyclists

#WeAreComingForEverything is a new section of our blog where we look at new and exciting sports and activites that were previously seen as only for white people, but are now seeing an increase in participation by black people

In this installment, we’re speaking to Bongani Mogari who recently took up cycling and has made it part of his lifestyle.

Why Cycling?

It’s a lifestyle thing. I cycle because it adds to my cardio training. I cycle because my bike adds to my fashion element, I can’t live without it for a long time. I sacrifice so much just to cycle.

When did this all begin?

I started cycling early 2016

What prompted you, a guy from Soweto, to get involved in a sport that is so “out there” for a black child?

Cycling is one thing we’ve grown up doing, but now I personally do it for a purpose, Cycling has allowed me to increase my circle of friendship by engaging with different people, it is a tool to start a conversation with other cyclists, or ordinary individuals who would want to know what I do to unwind.

Was it easy meeting other black cyclists? Do you get questions like… Why you doing a “white sport”

It’s easy because we have the same passion for cycling, we share a love for being outdoors and enjoying the freedom to be ourselves through cycling. People still see it as a white man’s sports, and ask why would I want to cycle. But I tend to look past that because I enjoy cycling and it’s not all about colour

So, you educate them?

It is my duty to educate them so they can see beyond the colour aspect, and rather embrace cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle.

But when you considered taking up cycling, was there a spot you went to where they are found or you just meet up as you cycle?

Thesis in Kagiso, Soweto was the first place I got introduced to. I met a lot of people and created friendships. But as I expanded my knowledge I was introduced to Whippet which is a cycling shop in Maboneng, mostly cyclist gather there just to have a drink and cycle around Johannesburg Do you not

How would you sell cycling to someone that’s foreign to it?

People love visuals, one I’d sell through pictures taken in different places and challenges we face as we cycle. Two, tell them about the purpose of cycling and take them through cycling rules especially Eden cycling in the township it’s so fascinating

And what are these rules?

  • Always cycle on the left
  • When turning right, right arm must go up to signal right.
  • When riding with a group avoid wearing earphones,
  • You always have a right of way when the robot is green in your favor.

The health benefits of regular cycling include:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness.
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Improved joint mobility.
  • Decreased stress levels.
  • Improved posture and coordination.
  • Strengthened bones.
  • Decreased body fat levels.
  • Prevention or management of disease.


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