Finding You in Your Name [Part 1- The design]

Finding You in Your Name [Part 1- The design]

The design:
There is an ABUNDANT BEAUTY and VALUE of a Name given to you as you are and its one we need to Solely find in ourselves. Our names are not only to mark us “Tags” so strangers know where we need to be returned to “if lost”. Or even as Plain Identification as to who we are and why we are sitting in that chair in the back as our teachers would scold us in our Classrooms.

Not youre regular Introduction?

I’m not only talking about your birth name, I am talking about the name you are going to earn, the name that will be sent to you and the name you never go back to once you have reached you height.


Pregnant woman’s belly with baby names and question mark symbolizing a decision for making baby names

Bohlale Poelano Moshe Masungwini.

Translated to English “Wisdom, The Speaker And Moses.”
I present to you, my Birth Names.

Very powerful when pronounced right and lived out right. But do we know the deeper value of what the creation of a name is?

Look the vessel you have and are walking in, your body could have a name or number plate given to claim ownership and recognition as I had mentioned in the introduction. But it’s the name that you live out that determines who you are and who you will be remembered as.

Your character could be anything from funny to grumpy. Those are choices. Life births situation whereby choices are made from what we learn. If you are called worthless, you are given the gift of choice to either believe or find value in your being. Creating your own currency, we are not all willing to take that stand; yes but we are very much capable of changing this.

The reality in the change is within. I will walk you through the reality of Bad Change and Great Change as both do exist and are in action 24/7 365 always in motion. Let’s say for instance, you are given the name “Mathlakala” meaning Dirt or Rubble. Growing up you find that you know not much of the meaning of this name. But when translated or explained by the ones who have given you this name so you can walk around and carry it as your own number plate you find it insulting and demeaning, like you are of no value. That’s where you are mistaken. We are taught that in one man’s trash lies another mans treasure. So how do we find this treasure that we are meant to be?

We look at ourselves on the inside. Since our greatness rests within it, it is our duty to find ourselves in ourselves. Without doubt and with shear belief we then realize that nothing is impossible.

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