Chapters and Verses : The story behind the songs

Chapters and Verses : The story behind the songs

Track 1- Isaiah 53
This song was the last one to be recorded for the *EP*.
I just somehow felt that the project wasnt complete and felt that it needed something to speak to the listener from the minute you press play. What better way than to tell them who and this *EP* is about?
It took me less than an hour to produce this song. Isaiah 53 really speaks to me and these songs are centered around Him, nothing more and nothing less.

Track 2 – Thank Me Later
Wow this song still surprises me because it was something different and completely new to what I have done before. Sat down, wrote about how many times I would do Gospel but in a different way how I would get slack for it, you know. So I came up with content that speaks about purpose and destiny based on Josephs story. The same Bros that got rid of him needed him later on. So what Im trying is that you might not fully understand what God is doing through me but you will thank me later. One of my favorite lines is If not you, then tell me who? Yeah if not now then tell me when? Let that speak…

Track 3 – Shots Fired
An experience that I will never forget. Ive truly seen Gods power when I was held gun down surrounded by 7 men that were armed. *Shots Fired* was birthed out of this experience and I felt that I needed to express it through music but at the same time had to make it relatable to everyone. While pondering on this I immediately thought of the story of Peter walking on water and I knew that I had to ride that wave and hey see what came out of it. It took about 9 months to record it, I took my time with it until it was ready and done, I guess it was worth the wait.

Track 4 – Need U
A very personal song that I wrote at about 2am one particular morning with tears in my eyes. My amazing parents got divorced in 2015 and that really affected me. I was away from home for a few years due to ministry. Funny story is that literally 30 minutes before I heard the news, 2 married couples approached me simultaneously after I sang on stage and told me that the songs I sang in church were their wedding songs and in that moment their marriage was revived. No kidding! 30 minutes later I receive a call that my parents are getting divorced. Crazy right?
Well anyway I felt that in whatever relationship you may have with a person, be it family , friends, loved ones , let them know that you need them , learn to forgive and just appreciate the time you have with them.

Track 5 – Good Good Daddy
One of those songs thats catchy and gets your toes and fingers moving. 2017 has really been a good year for me as a whole and I just wanted to sing about His goodness and faithfulness. This song is full of Grace, it just speaks about what He has done and not about what youve done . I really had fun recording *Good Good Daddy* , I wouldnt mind reliving the recording process

Track 6 – Do It Again
Every song on *Chapters and Verses* is my favorite, but *Do It Again* really stands out for me , this wouldve been the title track for the *EP*. I love revival, I read and hear a lot of how men and women of old would be instruments of revival and Gods glory. My cry in this song is that if no one will want it, I WANT IT ! . I love Jesus , Jesus is still into miracles, signs and wonders. So I honor every gift of God through this song. He did it before, He can *Do It Again* through you and I.

Track 7 – Good Enough To Leave
Another personal one, all these songs are personal but you get me right? *Good Enough To Leave* was a 6 minute song at first, it had about 5 verses and I had to take the extra verses out because my emotions got in the way of what I was actually supposed to put it, it took me 80 takes to get a verse right, during this lengthy recording I was so frustrated, restless, unease and just not focused. I realized that I had to forgive those that have had a huge effect in my life in ministry , I made peace with it and with them. The song then started flowing naturally and my heart came through the mic with peace knowing that He got me … I will not compromise the Gospel, thats just not me.

Track 8 – Thank Me Later Remix[Feat. *TlhoGi,Atomix*]
A different version from the original one ,also another late entry. I had a dream that I needed to get both *TlhoGi* and *Atomix* on the remix. Both are good friends of mine and I love their hearts and vision concerning the Kingdom , without thinking twice both agreed to it . It was such a pleasure to work with these gifts and really you can hear their work has volume and depth. Same message as the original, just with some more sauce to it.

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